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Introducing The Community of Bishops Bay

The Community of Bishops Bay is a place full of happiness and fresh out of stereotypes. We offer a unique combination of new homes for sale in Middleton, Wisconsin, a Money Magazine top-ten U.S. city, and dynamic neighborhoods so you can choose the one that fits you perfectly. And we don't hem you in with people and activities that are all the same. Interesting people have eclectic tastes. Different generations find each other captivating. And no one wants to be surrounded by other houses that look just like their own. By mixing things up, we've found a way to bring people together. So look around. Get comfortable, and make yourself at home. Because The Community of Bishops Bay is one of Wisconsin's most innovative new home communities located in the greater Madison metropolitan area.

Shouldn't all communities in Madison, Wisconsin offer a variety of neighborhoods? OURS DOES.
There's simply no nicer place to live it up. The Back Nine at Bishops Bay is where the best ideas just seem to come together. Like breathtaking homes that look out over the rolling greens of the Country Nine of the Bishops Bay Golf Course. And brilliantly designed Golf Villas that have all of life's perks and less of the hassles. And homes designed for people who don't need the biggest house, but aren't ready to downsize, and still want all the "extras" they can pack in. Go ahead and pick whatever makes you happiest.