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About Bishops Bay


The developer, Terrence Wall, conceptualized The Community of Bishops Bay as a new town; a conservation and master planned community of multiple neighborhoods with all the amenities and benefits of a small town, including a town center, parks, a church, a school, community garden plots, and much more. While the package of amenities is planned over time, The Community is starting with a record-breaking investment in children's playground equipment in the new 15-acre park.

The vision of The Community of Bishops Bay is to bring back the traditional and historical styles and forms of living in Wisconsin, where there is not only a mix of land uses, but a myriad of ways to connect with the land through a variety of recreational and agricultural activities. The Community of Bishops Bay will re-create small-town Wisconsin, where residents can "age in place."

The variety of ages and civic spaces will allow residents of varying ages and backgrounds to interact and help each other; as well as architecture and landscape design that grow from local climate, topography, history and building practice to encourage naturally sustainable systems. Download the community information brochure here.