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Information for Builders

Welcome to The Community of Bishops Bay. Please contact us or download using the link below to receive a design code packet.

The Community of Bishops Bay Design Code provides prospective builders, architects, landscape architects, and homeowners with a clear statement of the design principles and criteria for development within the Community of Bishops Bay and the neighborhoods contained within the Community.

The Design Code will assist in the implementation of an eclectic design direction to ensure variety and avoid the appearance of a typical subdivision where homes all look alike. The code also ensures a base level of quality within each of the Bishops Bay neighborhoods. In addition, a variety of photos and graphic images have been assembled to assist the builder, architect, landscape architect, and homeowner in the design and siting of homes and landscapes.

After reviewing the Design Code document, builders, architects, landscape architects, and homeowners should have an understanding of design direction and the knowledge necessary to produce creative and aesthetically pleasing building and site designs.

Download the Design Code Packet
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